Florida International University

Miami, Florida

I am a PhD candidate at FIU.  My research interests include urban ecology, biological invasions, climate change, and sustainability.  I am currently studying cavity-nesting birds in South Florida.  Native woodpeckers excavate cavities in trees.  We have a variety of native and exotic birds which are competing for these nest cavities, as well as man-made objects like telephone poles.  The exotic birds include 20+ species of parrots, mynas, and starlings.   

Do you have a parrot, woodpecker, or other cavity nest to inspect?  Are colorful creatures are breeding in your back yard?  Contact me to schedule a nest video inspection!


Would you like to volunteer?  I am searching for cavity nests, and monitoring birds and other creatures inside.  In the Spring I will be inviting nature photographers to get a close look at breeding birds.


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